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Thank you for visiting Bodied Boss Studio. If you're interested in sculpting or enhancing your body, losing inches with incredible ease, or destroying stubborn fat cells while using non-invasive treatments, with no downtime, Bodied Boss Studio is the place for you! We provide a clean atmosphere and knowledgeable staff, happy to support your every need. We also have a variety of packages to offer. If you don’t see one you’re interested in give us a call or schedule a consultation and we will make up a package tailored for you to attain your body goals.

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At Bodied Boss Studio, we care about you as our client, and also offer affordable solutions with our payment plans that work along with our packages if needed. With our knowledgeable staff, you’re bound to find a package for you that is the right fit

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All our services are noninvasive and FDA approved.

Sauna Blanket Detox

Enjoy a luxury spa experience with our sauna blanket treatment! Our Infrared sauna blanket helps to calm your mind, detox your body, relieve aches and pains, improves your sleep and immune system, stimulate & dissolve fat while enhancing your metabolism.

Wood Therapy

This specific procedure helps to redefine the body’s structure as these tools are made to reduce fat, cellulite, loosen tight muscles, stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, and increase weight loss! Wood Therapy can be performed nearly anywhere on the body.

Cellulite Reduction Treatments

Our treatments use energy from radiofrequency, ultrasound, radial pulses to heat the skin, to stimulate collagen and reduce cellulite. We also use Wood Therapy, Endermotherapy and Vacuum therapy as well if needed. This procedure requires a series of treatments for the best results!

Butt / Breast Enhancements

We understand that your body is an important part of your image. Experienced professionals are here to create an easy process for you. You’ll look in the mirror and love what you see.

Vacuum Therapy

This treatment creates suction placed gently on the skin of the buttocks or breast area to help tighten the skin while lifting the muscles in the desired area for enhancement! Both procedures would require a series of treatments for the best results!

Laser Lipo

This treatment is all about fat! Laser Lipo has permanent results over a period of sessions to produce the best results! It helps to alleviate any fat in desired areas during a pain free session with your technician!

Body Wraps

Talk about toxic! Body wraps are here to show toxins who’s boss! It helps to clear the system of all toxins, which is great for a detox & also helps to improve the lymphatic system while boosting your metabolism! Also, great for skin tightening & to soften the skin as well!


Pain free Electromagnetic tools are used to help tighten muscles and reduce fat. This treatment can be used on the arms, abdomen, buttocks, & thigh area. Emscuplt produces amazing results for skin tightening as well!


Endermotherapy was in fact the first cellulite treatment approved by the FDA! Is it proven by many doctors and other medical spa professionals produce satisfying results. During your session the technician will perform a “mechanical massage” that’s completely pain free & non-invasive. It reduces cellulite & helps to tighten the skin. Also, is a great treatment for chronic pain as it helps to release muscle tension & in crease circulation.

Ultrasonic Cavitation

So much cellulite! This specific procedure focuses on cellulite & fat. It helps to breakdown fat & build muscle, while also removing all cellulite.

Chin Reduction

Say no to needles n thorns & yes to Our Chin reduction treatment! FDA approved and noninvasive. Our Chin reduction is a body contouring treatment that can improve the “double chin” appearance. Our technician will target the desired area of unwanted fat using laser lipo, cavitation, and skin tightening to improve the chin’s structural appearance for an overall youthful look!

Skin Tightening

This non-surgical procedure is absolutely pain free and is all for tightening the skin in desired areas. Reduces fat cells & helps to tighten loose/saggy skin. A series of treatment may be required for best results!

Body Ice Sculpting

Body Boss Studio’s team of professionals use the Cryolipolysis method to eliminate fat cells from problem areas like the belly, thighs and chin. The procedure works by freezing the target area, which causes fat cells to die off while leaving healthy tissue unharmed. Body Boss Studio creates a natural-looking procedure that produces long-lasting results. The end result is a slimmer waistline and a more toned stomach.

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I'm very happy

I usually don't leave reviews, but I'm very happy with my results and the customer service is awesome!  Their prices are affordable, place is clean, and staff is courteous. I see great results and will be returning again! Thanks

Correy Ruffin
Google Review

Very Professional

This was my first visit. Adrienne was very professional.The place was clean and the music was relaxing. She made me feel very comfortable. I will definitely be going back.

Ken Me
Google Review


Wonderful!!! Very comfortable, amazing customer service, reasonable prices as well!!! My results were seen instantly after my first session.

Rachiee Nikkii
Google Review

Highly Recommended

Positive: Professionalism, Quality
Great Customer Service Highly Recommended!

Doesya Smoke
Google Review
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